M.O.M.S - Mum's Of Military Service personnel
     The hardest job in the Army 
    is being a soldiers mum

What the M.O.D keep top secret, so don't tell anyone else, is that when your son or daughter swear their oath of allegiance, they swear you in by proxy.  
Your life will be changed by this strange world your son/daughter has entered into.
They will learn a new language (army speak), and you will get lost when he speaks of Lance Jack, LPG, CO, OC, MPG.   You will never know when they will be home, and when you think you do, those arrangements may be changed at the last minute.  

Your daughter/son will be shouted at, and disciplined in a way, that anywhere else, would be met with your mothers wrath.  They will grow a bond with their new army family, which takes a bit of getting used to and you may hear them swear for the first time, the saying 'swear like a trooper' came from somewhere -  and for those who did anyway expect a lot more.
And of course, many ' join the lads at the bar', so expect the pub to become the favourite place if it isn't already.

Training and army life is tough, operational tours are tougher, so they will need all the support and understanding you can muster, and so will you. The internet is a great place to find out things, and one of the places you can get into the swing of army life is to join a support group.  These groups are not necessarily just for mums of soldiers on operations, it something you may find useful from the day your son/daughter joins the army.  Join more than one, so you can see where you best fit. On the sites there are mums from around the country, so you just might meet up from someone in your area, and that always makes life a lot easier.  Have a look on our page for support groups and join one -
Here is a link to an introductory booklet for families when their son/daughters join the army
Joining the Army -a guide for families
If you have any questions or need information in connection with your son or daughter being in the armed forces, and would like to speak to someone,  
Please email   by using our contacts page

And we will try and get you the help or information you need.

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