M.O.M.S - Mum's Of Military Service personnel
Charities you may like to help
There are a lot of charities set up by families, supporting the military, here are a few you may be interested in helping, but keep looking 
Military Support and Welfare 
Military support and welfare provide parcels to UK forces who have no family in the UK, and help Charities such as UK Homes for Heros and talking2minds in providing items needed by these charities.  If you know of a soldier who has no family based in the UK and would like to submit his name as a recipient of a parcel, please follow the link and complete the form.  If you would like to help, or have items that may be useful please also complete a form on this site., and someone will get back to you
Adopt a Squaddie (adopt him, send him parcels and letters) 
follow the link and complete a form
UK Forces Support -
fill in a form for a soldier, and they will send a parcel, or volenteer to help
Support our soldiers -
fill in a form and they will send a parcel, or volenteer to help
Operation Shoebox
fill in a form for a soldier and they will send a parcel
The Invicta Foundation/FFAB - support for the injured,and advice bureau
The William Aldridge Foundation
Afghan heros
volenteers for fundraising all ways appreciated as well as donations     

Injured Soldiers Holiday Appeal

Operation Braveheart
The Undentable Trust
Families supporting Soldiers
Raise money for charities such as Help for Heros, S.O.S, the soldiers Charity, they are always looking for volenteers
Facebook page
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