M.O.M.S - Mum's Of Military Service personnel
M.O.M.S is a non profit organisation,  providing an   information hub, for mums, dads and relatives of servicemen, woman and veterans.  
The pages aim to put in one place  answers to the questions often asked, by providing  direct links to MOD information, charities and support groups.    We also have a self help support group on Facebook where you are welcome to come and meet us all.


We don't want our web page full of information that's boring we want it to be current and relevant!
SO Please use our contact
page and send us a message:-

 send us  suggestions, about the information  you need, or share with  us information you think maybe useful to others.
Are you an administrator on a group/support page  let us know so we
can add you, so that others can find you!!!!!             
If you can add anything to parcel suggestions page - let us know 

Got an idea for a complete page on our web send us your ideas!
Our page is for families
        we look forward to hearing from you!
We provide links to external websites, charities and services available to you, for you to browse and make judgements as to whether they are suitable for your own personal use. Please note that M.O.M.S, is not responsible for these external websites and charities, and therefore has no authority to officially endorse  any of the services offered.
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